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Children 1st Preschool

Our Philosophy

We are a small loving family owned child care serving children 6 weeks to 5-years-old (VPK) in the community. We provide a child-centered and teacher supported environment. Our focus is to create a place where children can explore their world as they learn about themselves.  
Additionally, we recognize our parents as essential partners to our program. We encourage our school families to share their knowledge with our staff and the children. We also encourage you to drop by regularly to discuss with us what’s going on with your child at home or at the preschool. Open communication will allow us to build an even stronger school community as we share and grow together, creating a strong foundation for your child's future. We look forward to having you and your child make Children 1st Preschool your own.

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Our Programs

Learning Through Play

As your child grows with us, the curriculum will change each year to accommodate the social/emotional and educational needs of each age child. All of our programs are designed to provide a positive experience that promotes self-esteem and independence in young children; two of the most valuable tools children can acquire during their early years.

Our Curriculum

Toddlers & Preschoolers

We utilize the Innovations series from Gryphon House. This curriculum is filled with interactive activities for toddlers and preschoolers. It equips our teachers of how to apply various child development theories to daily experiences. Other components such as the assessment as a teaching guide, the physical environment as a learning tool, and family partnership as well as educating our parents are a few of the components we enjoy about the Innovations series. Our teachers enjoy planning with this guide to ensure they are meeting each child’s needs at their level and ability.  



As our children are getting ready for kindergarten, we continue to focus on intellect and independence. To help meet those needs and development, we utilize the Starfall Pre-K Curriculum as a instructional guide. This curriculum helps to expand on skills in math, phonics, alphabets, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movements, social-emotional developments, higher-level questioning and critical thinking skills for reading and comprehension. Our teachers are confident during instruction as a result of the research-based lessons, teacher tools/resources, and supportive suggestions for learning centers that correlate with the lessons taught throughout the school year. We are most proud to incorporate the Starfall Pre-K Curriculum in our school for it serves as an advantage later on in Kindergarten. This research-based curriculum is Teacher-tested, and meets the state standards in all subject areas.


Infants 1:4/Toddlers 1:6

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

All About Me!

The Infant/Toddler Program (All About Me!) encourages curiosity and independence through daily activities. For the Infants, we listen to nursery songs, and sing along to the children. We encourage movements, gross and fine motor developments. We take infants on long walks on the school yard. Parents are provided a daily report of the day’s activities. We introduce our toddlers to the alphabet, numbers, and various fundamental skills through songs. The class is designed to foster independence and self-help skills. The daily schedule incorporates music/arts, movements, fine/gross motor skills to create individual lessons that meet the interest of each child. We continue to introduce the world through creative activities daily. Our goal is to nurture our children’s love for learning.

2-Year-old 1:9

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Little Explorers

The 2-Year-old Program (Little Explorers) encourages language development and exposes the children to basic concepts and skills. The children will learn to recognize their names, letters, numbers and more. The daily schedule includes age-appropriate lesson plans, art projects, development of fine/gross motor skills, music, movements, exercises and pre-planned indoor/outdoor activities. If your child is not potty-trained, we will assist you with the process when you and your child is ready. Our goal is to encourage independence.

3-Year-Old 1:9

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Yes, I can!

The 3-Year-Old Program (Yes, I can!) is designed to encourage children to explore a variety of concepts and skills. The children will learn the names and sounds of letters in the alphabet. They will learn the pattern of counting, identify various numbers and quantities. The curriculum includes shape and color recognition, writing skills, opposites and positional concepts. Fun-filled, colorful enrichment sheets are used to reinforce discoveries the children make and help them share the new knowledge with their parents. Poems, nursery rhymes, stories, and finger plays are integrated to make the learning process more meaningful, and a fun experience for young children. Our goal is to encourage consistency.

4-Year-Old (1:15 w/t an assistant) 
Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

On the Go

In our 4-Year-Old Program (On the Go) children will study phonics, math concepts, letter and number recognition, science exploration just to name a few. Concepts and skills are integrated to make the learning process more meaningful for this age group. Arts and crafts, music and movements, educational computer games/activities, and physical education are all important parts of the program. We utilize the Florida VPK standards along with the Starfall Pre-k curriculum to guide our weekly lessons. They will enjoy monthly special visitors/activities to share and/or present the ideas of the themes being discussed. We keep it fun and simple as your child gets ready for kindergarten. Or goal is to instill a love of learning.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep young children learning, engage and safe. We believe that children thrive in a setting which values their well-being. In our educationally focused environment, we facilitate play as a learning tool to nurture creativity and safety.

Address & Contact

11658 McCulloch Rd,
Orlando, FL 32817
Orange County USA


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